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​​Pacifica Legal Services was founded in 2007 to bring quality but cost effective immigration and naturalization services with a personal touch.  

Due to the fact that we are a nation of immigrants , we understand the challenges that immigrants face coming to America and even while they are here.  This is why we offer  reasonable fees for our services as immigration attorneys  as well as the ability to set up installment payments when necessary.  

As a smaller law firm we  have a lower overhead which gives us the advantage of giving greater personal attention to our client casework and communications. In order to service our clients efficiently,  it is extremely important that clients provide full cooperation  in obtaining the necessary supporting documents needed and scheduled payments on time so that casework can go forward unhindered.  

Immigration law is constantly being revised.  While immigrant filings may seem pretty routine and straight forward, immigrant case histories are often not.  That is why we encourage everyone  needing help with their immigration status to avoid trying to handle it themselves or employing non-lawyer representatives.  Our firm has the years of experience to stay up with those changes and the skill to interpret  new strategies as those changes  effect your case outcome.    We also have the experience  on how to best present your petitions to ICE, USCIS, & BIA and how to interpret their responses.   For this reason we encourage those seeking our services to schedule an initial consultation to discuss their case in depth so we may be able to better determine the level of case complexity, filing fees and attorney services needed to achieve each immigration goal.    While you are our client, you can count on our commitment to helping you achieve the best immigration goals possible within the specifications of your contract.  

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Executive Office for Immigration Review 

EOIR - "Attorneys must be members “in good standing” of the bar of the highest court of any State, the District of Columbia (D.C.), a U.S. possession, U.S. territory, or U.S. commonwealth."

 Floyd J. Fernandez has been licensed in Texas and has 29 years of experience.   He practices now in Valencia, California. You can access his profile at  
State Bar of Texas.​​

8 C.F.R. § 1.2     ( See  attorney under Definitions 1.2 )​​

​​​​805 - 290- 4930
(Why  We Charge A Consultation Fee)
See below **


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Mission Statement:

Pacifica Legal Services exist to provide vitally needed legal services to people in desperate need for help in dealing with America's complex and often frustrating immigration system.

Immigration Attorneys:

Floyd J. Fernandez, J.D.

Immigration and Naturalization Services

Federal Appellate Services

Texas Bar #06933920

1986 - Earned law degree  from

O.W. Coburn School of Law/

Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA.

Licensed by the Supreme Court of Texas

Admitted before the following courts:

U.S. Supreme Court, Washington D.C.

U.S. Immigration Courts Nationwide

​Board of Immigration Appeals​

U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals

U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals

U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

U.S. District Court for the So. Dist. of Texas​​


​**  Why We Charge A Consultation Fee

A consultation with an immigration attorney can cost as much as $400.00.  We have offered free consultations as well as charged for consultations but have found that the majority of those seeking free consultations with us were not seeking our services but mainly to take unfair advantage of them in trying to obtain free legal counseling.  They were not interested in pursuing a serious strategy with an attorney regarding their immigration status.  Eventually the cumulative effect of this becomes a drain on the attorney's time as it would any business and unfair to the commitment that attorneys need to give paying clients.   There are pro bono  (free) immigration counseling services that are available for those types of needs.  In the long run, they are overworked and few are truly motivated to a greater commitment towards your case.

 Understandably, there are budget concerns on the part of most that are shopping around and/or want to try filing themselves.  That being said, however, what one saves in a"cheaper deal"can be  lost in court !   Your whole life and that of family members in consideration is TOO important to shop for bargain basement prices.  Immigration law is complex and not a "one size fits all" through simple form filing and submission.   There may be similar issues but each case has a unique history and individual challenges that considered carefully by an experienced attorney can make all the difference in success or failure.  In these consultations, a lawyer is dedicating his time and expertise to a proper case analysis and strategy which should not be put on the same level of  a notario or document service preparer who only has time to give you 10 minutes to consult with.  Any legal advice given in the course of providing document service is now forbidden by California state law.  Only licensed attorneys,  or specialized consultants that are certified to be admitted before immigration courts may offer legal counsel.  (CA Assembly Bill 638, section 22440).​  

Therefore, I have adjusted my charges to $75.00 /hour for nonbusiness consultations and $100.00 for business consultations which is a reasonable compensation and much lower than what is normally charged by other attorneys for even a half hour.  In addition, if a client agreement is arranged, I will  credit the consultation fee OFF of the balance due for legal services.   Please note that there are some consultations that are arranged only for a specific service that doesn't require any attorney/client agreement. Those are rare but in such cases the consultation fee is retained.

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